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The Most Beautiful Place in Oklahoma - Tulsa Family Vlog

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Tulsa OK Tee Times | Tulsa Golf: Page Belcher, Mohawk Park

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We Are Golf Take a time-lapse with us: It's sunday. The putting surface sits on a large rock which leaves a significant separation from left to right and will make for some difficult two putts. The shortest par five on the course will also be a test of your patience. For those who want to reach the green in two, favor a line down the right side.

Others who will lay-up should play left to leave a shorter approach for the third shot. Anything short of the middle of the green runs the risk of rolling back into the native rocks in front. From the tee on this downhill par three take a moment to turn around and enjoy a view of the Tulsa skyline.

Back to the business at hand and the best strategy here is to shape a shot from left to right. The front right bunker will catch plenty of shots but may be a better spot than going long where a steep embankment awaits. This is a dogleg right par four that is guarded on the right side by a pair of fairway bunkers. Avoid these with the tee shot and the second should set up nicely. This green is one of the smaller on the course with several different sections created from the slope and you do not want to miss it to the right. This par four presents the most difficult driving hole on the course because of the prevailing south wind and the native wetland that comes in close on the right.

For the second shot there is room to miss the green left and still get up and down but a miss anywhere else and the job becomes a much bigger challenge. Some may take the chance and try to drive it on the green of this short par four.

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However, anything off line in the least will find water or one of several bunkers that clutter the landing area. A fairly flat but shallow green awaits those who have success off the tee. This par three plays to an elevated green with a steep front that also has a drop off on the left. Beware of the bunker well short of the green that is there just to create a depth perception problem. Slightly long will leave better options than any tee shot that is left short. On this par four the best angle of approach will be from the left side of the fairway just short of the bunkers.

There is plenty of room to the right, but the second becomes more difficult because of the two bunkers guarding the right front of the green — green that also has several soft slopes which makes this short hole play more difficult. This is a beautiful par three set in the middle of trees that also has a creek meandering through. The green is divided left and right by a ridge that runs through the middle with another soft slope that separates the front and back on the right.

Avoid the deep bunker that awaits shots missed short and left.

Tulsa Tee Times

This is another long par five that plays directly into the prevailing south wind. Likely a three shot hole where trees line both sides and thus hitting the fairway is a must. The green has soft slopes that define the front right from the back left. This will probably be viewed as one of the more difficult holes. The smart tee shot on this par four is to play short of the fairway bunkers. The approach here is difficult to judge because the two bunkers short of the green give the impression that the green is closer than it really is.

This par three has lots of character with water on the left and prevailing wind usually coming from the right that is tough to avoid.

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The green here offers some terrific pin locations and a large chipping area on the right side for those who choose to bail out in that direction. This uphill par four may play as the longest par four on the course. The ideal line off the tee is just inside the right fairway bunker. The fairway bunker on the left must be avoided at all costs.

This green is relatively shallow so another spot where the distance control with the approach becomes very important. A nice finishing par four where the tee shot is the key because of a narrow fairway that falls off sharply to the right.

Golf in Tulsa, OK

A play short or left of this area will leave a fairly simple approach for the second. With a back left pin take notice that any miss to the left will most likely find the creek. Small numbers make the scorecard more enjoyable.

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