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Located in the heart of fashionable West Hollywood, Bossa Nova embodies its eclectic and vibrant surroundings, serving up the American dream with a Brazilian.

That makes me feel even MORE classy in this car. Sleek, sexy, and secure This means a lot to someone like me so I wanted to make sure someone out there knows you've helped me. I am so in love with my car. I had to purchase a new phone and this time I have a Samsung Galaxy. It wasn't terribly hard to pair that phone with the car so I can use my Bluetooth which is extremely important to me.

I have a lower profile tire that makes me feel like I'm in a sporty car and the body taking on the look of the Maxima makes me feel like I made a good choice in this car style. Things I really like: Sunglasses case above mirror. Center console with 2 levels. Divider pocket in glove box. Push button to open gas tank cover.

Things I don't like: I hate the shape of the sun visor , because it allows direct sun light to glare through the scoop at the swivel point. The center "scoop" in the hood near the windshield collects raindrops and dust, so it always looks dirty. When I use cruise control every day , there is no number to identify the exact speed, only a pointer on the speed dial. The side mirrors may project out too much. I park in well-marked parking spaces; nevertheless, 6 days after getting my car, I found paint smudges where other cars' mirrors scraped against both of my car's mirrors.

When I was pulling in or out of parking spaces, I know I was not close enough to other cars to have caused my mirrors to scrape another car's mirrors. But because of the projection of my mirrors , it appears that their cars' mirrors scraped my car's mirrors.

I initially loved my new Altima. After driving it daily for less than 3 months, I am less than pleased with it. I now regret my decision to purchase it and wish there was a way I could trade it in and get something better. The road noise in the vehicle is so loud that I have had people complain about it when I am talking to the on the phone via Bluetooth.

2019 Nissan Altima Platinum - Ultimate In-Depth Look in 4K

This shows me that the quality of the vehicle is no there. I also have to turn the "auto reply" feature off every single time I crank the vehicle. Instead of it saving my preference in the Bluetooth system. This has caused confusion when I am in a hurry and am unable to turn off the feature. My contacts automatically receive a reply that I am driving. This is a huge annoyance that it will not save my preference.

When this happens and people question it I am sure to explain to them it is a problem with my car and poor design on being able to save your preferences in the Bluetooth system. Due to road noise and poor Bluetooth design , I would never purchase a Nissan vehicle again. The only acceptable thing about this vehicle is the overall exterior look of it and the fuel economy.

Updated on Dec 18, Solid car. Not the best UI to gadets. I didn't get what I thought I was as going to get. I was disappointed when I thought I was getting heated seats and steering wheel only to find out after driving the car several months that because I changed to a different color of car I didn't realize the other car didn't have these options.

Also, I think your entertainment center is a bit lackluster. There seems to be a lot of blank space that could be better utilized. I would also suggest that because I use the radio more often than the cruse control that those options would be put on the right side of the steering wheel as I would guess more people are right handed than left handed. Updated on Dec 3, Overall a nice vehicle, economical dependable. Don't like the signal light on warnings too quiet , don't like the seat belt not on warning none. Audio system not up to par on other vehicle I owned.

Two features I find troublesome in my Altima: First and most troubling is the signal light on indicator does not make enough sound to warn you that the directional light is still on. This is a very bad feature in this car. Second no sound indicator that the seat belts are not engaged. Even though this sound is annoying at times, it still reminds us to buckle up. This last feature can be dangerous. My passenger car mat shifts occasionally and does not lock in place. This may interfere with the accelerator.

Features & Specs

Signal light indicator is not loud enough, this is really a poor feature of this vehicle. No seat belt alarm feature , should buzz is not engaged. Updated on Jun 5, I do not like the auto dimmer on the rearview mirror. I would like to set the mirror either dark or light and have it stay on that setting until I change it. I want to be able to control the dimer on the rear view mirror.

The last thing I want when driving at night is to be blinded by headlights reflecting off my rearview mirror. I have an Altima LS with an auto-dim mirror. It goes clear at night when no light is behind you, but if someone turns in behind you, your temporarily blinded by the light coming from your rearview mirror , as the adjustment is dimming your view. This happens so often, that I can't use my rearview mirror at night when driving in town. The car has an option to drive in "sporty" mode Ds.

However, I often have to check to see which gear I'm in, because D can feel like Ds in regards to the feel of the transmission shifting. I'm not sure if this is normal or if I should be concerned. However, the vent in the middle directs air to both sides regardless of how you turn the vents. You basically have to turn it all the way to the left or right, which makes the affects the other person. Seems like there should be a basic option to close this vent as well.

To resolve this, I have to firmly push it, up or down, then center to turn it off. It's rare, but it has happened at least times since I've had it a little over one month. I LOVE the material of the seats. Updated on Dec 10, This vehicle is very nice, but not quite as roomy as I need since I'm a fairly large fellow. I prefer memory seats. Ease of entrance. Buttons up higher, so you don't have to get on your knees to see them.

Auto stopping in case of an emergency. Forward or reverse. Roomly back seating area. Big trunk. With netting.

Nissan Altima Deals, Prices, Incentives & Leases, Overview - CarsDirect

Regular Spare Tire. Each wheel to jack up on its own if you have to change a tire. Self sealing tires. Very soft ride Suspension--Very soft ride. This really needs fixing.

Used Nissan Altima By Year

Along with more areas of view. As it stands can only have 4 viewing areas on the screen. Other than these six items all is just fine. Updated on Dec 9, It's a solid car that has a large gas tank so you could conceivably drive up to miles at a time, which would be very important in a hurricane evacuation or a situation where there are gas lines as there were years ago.

Engine has good power to get you out of bad situations in traffic but not so powerful that it gets bad gas mileage. Good looking car and runs good and handles quite well. It's a well- designed vehicle I enjoy driving. I wish it had the collision avoidance system for preventing rear ending someone. I like the collision avoidance alarm it has for changing lanes and backing up into traffic.

Only problem was the air conditioner stopped working one day, then restarted. I was told it was a faulty valve in the compressor. The compressor was replaced under warranty and it works fine now. Updated on Sep 11, Boring color choices , looks alot like Mazda. Could not get navigation wifhout sunroon on the lot or within miles to tall to fit with sunroof. Have to use keyfob to figure it out.

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I wish more colors were available, or color options beside white, black, grey, red or shades of those colors it's getting hard to find my car in a busy parking lot because all cars now seem to share this 4 color scheme. Include Listings Without Available Pricing 3. Includes Listings Without Available Pricing. Hide delivery results 0. Days on Market. Recent Listings. Since my last visit about a second ago 0.

Hide vehicles without photos 0. Fuel Economy. Price Drops. Only show recent price drops 0. Text Search To search for combination of words or phrases, separate items with commas. For example, entering "Factory Warranty, Bluetooth" will show all listings with both the phrase "Factory Warranty" and the word "Bluetooth". Close window Add to Listings. Find Nissan Altima listings in your area.

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Sorry, no listings are available. Try a different search to see listings. You might be interested in these listings for similar cars. Here are all of our Nissan listings.

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Here are Nationwide listings for a Nissan Altima. Here are our listings for all model years of the Nissan Altima. You might be interested in these similar years for Nissan Altima. So, we've removed the following criteria from your search: Saved Search: Nissan Altima Save my search Delete.

Clear all filters. Close Window. First Previous Loading Best deals first Worst deals first Lowest price first Highest price first Lowest mileage first Highest mileage first Closest first Farthest first Oldest first by car year Newest first by car year Newest listings first Oldest listings first. Sponsored Listings. Olympia, WA We want to send it to you, along with other pricing insights. We will not spam you, and will never sell your email. You may unsubscribe at any time. The completely redesigned Altima continues to arrive at dealers nationwide.

Apart from a new platform, most Altimas get a new 2. In addition, a new 2. All-wheel drive is also now available for the first time, but only when choosing the base engine. As before, automatic emergency braking is standard across the range. Semi-autonomous driving capabilities come standard on SV and higher trims. Offers vary by region and expire February 28, Examples listed here are for Los Angeles. The Altima 2. Financing may be the better way to go this month.

Most vehicles are eligible, although a closer look reveals The sedan market share has declined as the general consumer preference shifts toward higher-riding and often more capable crossovers and SUVs. The redesigned Nissan Altima gives consumers another reason or two for consideration, including available all-wheel drive across the lineup and a high-tech turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The all-new Nissan Altima rides on a new chassis for improved handling and gains new engines that make gains in power and fuel efficiency.

The exterior is lower, longer, and wider than before and the interior takes on a low cowl and a horizontal theme. The Altima receives two new engines and an all-wheel-drive system which distinguishes it from the best-sellers within the segment. The standard engine is a new 2. This setup achieves an EPA-estimated 28 miles per gallon city, 39 mpg highway, and 32 combined with front-wheel drive.

The also new and more powerful 2.

CarsDirect Pricing Insider

Generally speaking, it helps the engine achieve added levels of efficiency and power. The new all-wheel-drive system is a key differentiating feature against the Altima's rivals, though it's only available with the 2. The driver is also treated with proximity entry with push button start, an eight-way power seat, and a seven-inch digital display in the gauge cluster. An eight-inch infotainment display that integrates Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and satellite radio compatibility plays through a six-speaker audio system.

Sport cloth seats, paddle shifters, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel continue the theme inside. LED headlights, blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, and dual chrome exhaust tips are additional notable standard features. LED headlights and fog lights are among the features of the Premium Package which are also included as standard.

12222 Nissan Altima

Inside, a dual-zone climate control system with added rear vents is integrated with the remote engine start to pre-condition the interior. The black or gray cloth front seats are heated, as is the leather-wrapped steering wheel. There are no packages available on the SV trim. There are no optional features available.