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Have any of you used the Temp-tations bakeware? QVC sells it and I saw an infomercial this morning about it. It is very pretty but I am particularly interested in the 9x13 dish. It is deep and comes with a stoneware cover lid can also be used as a cookie sheet or serve tray and a plastic one. A lot of good reviews on QVC, but there are some that had a problem with it cracking in the oven. Hollywood Sweepstakes: Enter the Giveaway. Valentine's Day. Log In Sign Up. Want to stay up to date with this post?

Have you used Riess cookware? All my research showed it was fantastic to use and non toxic. From some further reading about clay, types, soil content makeup and uses, I was struck by the fact that MEC is using Terracotta clay, and unglazed at that, to make cooking pots since they are, it seems, primarily used for potting plants. MEC disputes this with the following various statements on their website: These rocks may be just one type or a variety, same as the plants which absorb minerals from the soil so if these rocks contain heavy metals then these will be part of the primary clay when it forms.

Well, as I indicated earlier, Terracotta pots are quite porous and so what you cook will indeed soak into the clay as well as be released back into the food and outside of the pot when the liquid in the clay reaches a saturation level as well as due to the normal activity of electrons in matter. A glaze can sharply reduce this activity but not absolutely completely although hardly measurable. Labs have to be recognized and accepted by a crediting organization and even then, only for applied for types of testing, not for just anything that can be analyzed.

Something else that raises a concern to me is that anybody can create documents and make claims of authenticity and fakes can often be recognized by misuse of words and typos. Could there be such a word — hmmm. Thank you, Steve, for these very informative comments. I thank you for this additional reasoning. I am sure clay pots worked well centuries ago when the planet was not polluted. I definitely felt sick after eating from MEC pot but I do not regret the experiment because now together we can warn others.

I also did not feel good, when I went to an Indian restaurant where they cooked in clay pots. Some of us like me do not have very good detoxifying genes so we have to be very careful.

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And lastly, I wanted to mention that Miriam has an affiliate program meaning that she pays commissions to people who recommend her products on the Internet. Thank you, Steve, for being generous with your time. I am glad you are here. Then you have NHSTA, the National Highway and Safety Administration — they essentially turned into friends with the auto industry by not pursuing a high number of what should have been safety recalls for decades until finally the last straw for the public was the revelation concerning GM and the ignition switch fiasco.

These are just a few examples of what is the mire of corruption and ineptitude that exists as failures of our govt. Anyways, these are my thoughts and perceptions from reading reports on the Web and a fair amount of common knowledge? I genuinely appreciate your fair and honest review. It gave me a lot to ponder, as I was already contemplating to purchase this cookware.

Thanks for sharing this thoughtful post. It seems that some of the compounds leaching from the clay might be harming my liver. And this is odd, because just a week or two ago I felt great; great energy levels, strong, etc. Hi, Navid: I am so sorry it happened to you. I know it is not fun. And I hope you will get a relief soon. I took a NAC supplement for detoxification, and it helped me. You can read more about it here: Thank you so much for your kind words.

And I am so happy we will be in touch as I see you signed up for my emails. Let me know you feel. This is very interesting. What about Salad Master cookware? Would love to know your thoughts. Hi, Rhonda: I was unable to get information on the material Salad Master use. And I think their baking soda test does not have any scientific basis. Do you understand that they had a negative experience with Miriam clay cookware? Did you read the comments to this post? I also have Pyrex bakewsre for casseroles. Stainless steel perhaps? Does Tamara recommend clay cookware? We use cast iron, glass bakeware, stainless steel, and Xtrema.

Here is a summary of different types of cookware you might find helpful: One last question on bakeware. What type of cake and muffin pans do you recommend? I do have glass pie dishes. Can I pay for shipping and have yours? I just contacted Saladmaster to get a list of their ingredients.

Why do you think Saladmaster does not leach any metals. It is a metal alloy so by definition, it will be leaching some metals. With the exception of leaded crystal, glass is not known to contain lead. My chiropractor mentioned Saladmaster to me. After doing some research he and his wife purchased a set. I had a recent chat with a mutual acquaintance who gave me more information about the product. In regards to lead leaching from glass I read about this recently which prompted me to research this more. Heating a substance can change the void size depending on the effect heating has on the material due to crystallization and other effects which will affect the porosity and obviously the rate of any minute or substantial amounts of fluids that could excrete or pour through a given material used for cooking.

Leaching can occur by itself as well as through porosity. Leaching is the transfer of ions of material metal, mineral, oils, pesticides, etc. This is for all of those people, who are still afraid of clay pot cookery, because it is a comparatively new thing, it is a different way of cooking and so on and so forth. In the East and in Africa, clay pot cookery has been in use for millenniums. Traditionally, the food was cooked in tagines, and in Asia, every house proud cook has to have a traditional clay pot in which to cook curries, gravies, and other dishes on a slow fire.

Having traveled extensively and eaten food cooked in clay pots, in the Indian subcontinent, since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, let me tell you some points about real honest to goodness clay utensils. They are bought from a potter in the town or the village because he knows traditionally, where to get the best clay. The clay pot is used for about six months, to cook food over a slow fire, until it starts showing wear and tear or showing cracks. So you go and get another cooking pot from him. Traditionally, as these foods were cooked over wooden fires, nobody bothered much about temperature change, which is the problem in cooking on a gas stove, low, medium, high.

So when you get your clay pot for the first time, immerse it in water after washing it thoroughly, for the first 24 hours. This is to get the clay to absorb the water and become watertight. After that, you remove the clay pot and season it with oil. Both inside and outside.

In South India, the water used inside the clay pot was rice water, — rice boiled in water and the water used for seasoning the chatty — which had plenty of starch in it.

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After the first 24 hours, I removed the clay pot from the water, and placed it in the sun, to cook for another 4 — 5 hours, so that the oil could be absorbed again. Do this for three days, even though traditionally, this is done for a week. Water absorption, oiling, cooking in the sun. Within three days, your clay pot is going to be really watertight and well seasoned. Cook a gravy or a curry in it for the first time.

You do not use the same clay pot in which you have cooked curries and gravies to cook anything else because the flavors are going to mix. That means you are not going to be boiling milk for yogurt in this particular clay pot! Also, whatever brand names may say, anybody who is selling you a glazed piece of pottery, and calling it cookware is taking advantage of you, as a fool and her money and somebody else is going to party! A traditional honest-to-goodness clay pot is never going to be glazed with poisonous lead or other elements.

You are also never ever ever going to wash your clay pot with dishwashing soap. What do you want to do, feed your kiddies with dishwashing gravy? That is because the particles of those chemicals have been absorbed in the once healthy clay. Also, if you want to use your clay pot in the oven, do so, but the idea of putting it in the microwave, and thus nuking your kids again with microwave radiation, , times more dangerous than x-ray waves is of course your prerogative and choice.

So you cannot have healthy cooking with your clay pot in one hand, and at the same time, feed them nuked food because you were too lazy to slave over the gas stove! God bless. As you point out, the clay pots for curries, gravies, etc. As I said, just wondering how you and the local clay potters can know that their clay deposits taken from the earth which siphons off ions from all materials and transported through the weather and ground water movements, etc.

Thank you, Steve, for explaining so well! I completely agree with you. I see this over and over again. Some people tend to think that traditional ways are the best.

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What they are not considering is that our planet is polluted, and thus whatever worked a long time ago before the industrial revolution, it is not going to cut it today with over 80, chemicals in commercial use and the environment. Wow, very interesting and informative discussion. That, being unglaze compounded the issue as well. Reading these comments made me draw up my own conclusions: Knowledge is power. It pays to do research and put your ducks in order. But taking my time to do research, research and more research!

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Zepter is the best and only one!! These are surgical materials without leaching of any unwanted toxins….. Thank you for sharing this, Jessie. I am surprised to see that they claim no allergy to their cookware. The stainless steel they use contains a pretty high percentage of Nickel Ni and some people are allergic to nickel. From a quick glance at their website, I do not see any advantages of using their cookware over the stainless steel cookware I have listed in the post. Do you?

I have not but I can help you research them for a small fee: I will keep that in mind. However, I think it would be hard since they are produced in a small village only. So there is no company that manufactures them. Before I pay can you tell me what the research includes and how long it would take?

My God — why are these guys making such poisonous cookware? I was planning to buy some of their cookware, thankfully I came across this website and decided not to. Thanks for educating people about such unhealthy effects of clay. Thanks again Irene and Steve! Stay blessed. Hi, Czecharina: All needs to be done is to test Miriams clay for purity and if it passes the test, it is safe to use.

Czecharina NO! There is no such thing as PURE clay in our polluted world anymore — perhaps back before mankind started using chemicals and dumping waste everywhere but definitely not for a very long long time! Too much iron can make you sick. In fact, taking supplemental iron is only necessary if you are deficient. After reading all these posts…It sounds like a mixture of cookware is the best option to include old style Pyrex or Pyrex from France, Glass, Xtrema, and a little cast iron is ok. Hi, Carmen: Yes — you are right. It depends also on your blood levels of iron and…your stored amounts of heavy metals.

We also use stainless steel. And I recently bought nickel-free stainless steel. Let me know if you want to talk this more on the phone. Have a wonderful weekend! Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Seasoning Clay Cookware After seasoning the pot, the first thing I cooked in it was beef bone broth, which was not very convenient because the water evaporated even faster than from a stainless steel pot. Let's start creating a healthy home today! Now check your email to confirm your subscription.

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If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. Recent Posts. I know. I am curious, too. Thank you, Myrto! Anybody wants to chip in? Let me know. Hi Ramya, That one is glazed. I have been using it and did NOT have any bad experience. Thanks for being such a great advocate!

I own one of their pieces, and I like it a lot. Thank you for asking! So, what do you suggest instead of MEC? Hard sell?

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