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As we mentioned, stores have been adding more and more couponing regulations, so it'll be tough to find a supermarket that offers double coupons every day, no questions asked. Once you've figured out which stores do double, you should call each one to get the details on their policies.

Here are a few questions you'll want to ask:. Now that you know when and where you can shop with double coupons, it's time to start clipping and collecting.

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Should you buy coupons online? Should you use a coupon clipping service?

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Understanding Double Coupons. That is why they sometimes have limits listed within their policies. This means, the coupon will not be doubled or tripled in value. The store reserves the right to go ahead and override this feature, however, the store is not obligated to increase the value.

Double Coupons – How to Double Coupon

This coupon will not be doubled. If the value of the coupon exceeds the product price, most stores will adjust the value of the coupon down. The only exception is Walmart , where the excess is applied to the other items in your cart or given to you a cash back. This depends upon where you live. In most states, you pay sales tax on the pre-coupon total. I live in Missouri and our state law says that we pay sales tax on the post-coupon totals.

You will want to check your state laws to know for certain. You can not redeem more coupons than the number of barcodes that are scanned.

How to Find Stores That Double Coupons

In addition, you must purchase the number of items with a barcode as are on the coupon. Since the twin pack has only one barcode that is scanned, you can only use one coupon.

The coupon requires two bar codes be scanned before it can be applied. That means, you must purchase 2 twin packs so that the coupon will work. Pin Share To help each of you better understand some of rules and regulations of these stores, over the next few weeks, I will breakdown coupon policies for you. Last week, we focused on Kroger.

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With locations in Trotwood, West Carrollton and Centerville, Cub Foods is a great grocery store chain to pick up some couponing bargains. Before you go loading up your cart with deals, check out this quick breakdown of their coupon policy.

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  8. They accept both manufacturer and printable online coupons. However they do not have a store loyalty card, so there are no store e-coupons available. Stacking coupons is allowed.