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No day can start without a proper breakfast, so your local KFC restaurant will serve you some morning treats which will help you kick start your day. You can choose from a vast offer of twisters, toasties and buns, all accompanied by a glass of fresh fruit juice or your favourite cup of tea or coffee. Burger lovers will find amazing deals on signature zingers or grilled chicken, served with fresh vegetables, French fries and a cup of cool and breezy coke. Each amazing meal can be finished off with mouth-watering desserts such as ice-creams, world-known krushers and classic sundaes.

Now, everyone can enjoy all of the above at home, sharing food with their loved-ones and having fun at the same time. Pick the items you want delivered home. If picodi gave you a code, you should be able to enter it. If it was a deal, the price will be reduced accordingly. All promo codes and discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be found on dedicated special pages. If you don't receive our message within 2 minutes be sure to check your spam folder. Such things happen: Picodi Store Kfc.

Special Deals with a Newsletter Sign-up Sign up for KFC newsletter and get all the latest promotions and special offers delivered straight to your mailbox. Type in your e-mail address. Order now. I agree to the processing of my personal data, i.

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A with its registered office at ul. I am aware that my consent may be revoked at any time, more in Privacy Policy. Buy any 2 of selected twisters or a boxmaster and enjoy getting a free Krusher! Don't miss out! This offer is valid till 1st February only! Are wondering what you should buy this Christmas! Get a KFC gift card today! Eat Dunked Burger once again! This offer is time-limited!

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Crunch Master is back again at KFC! Order Finger Lickin' Loud Crunchmaster and enjoy great meal! R39 ongoing. KFC promo code reviews by Picodi users: Tell us about your shopping experience at KFC I've been at KFC and all other resturents who sell fried chicken and to tell the truth KFC is always in my mind it really leave me with fingers lickin good imgcaaaaaaaa! KFC is a great place to buy at because I didnt wait long for my order and they have great way of communication and entertainment.

I can say that KFC is the best. Start by going to picodi. Found what you needed? Click on green deal tab to get it. Wait for your hot and juicy chicken to arrive. Want to know even more about KFC? Take a look at: Enter your email here. Couponing is big business in the USA, reality shows abound on this topic. Years ago we got coupons in our subscription magazines and the weekly local papers. Those days are gone. Except for PnP VIP vouchers for senior citizens only available for use in Hypermarkets most South African coupons are in the form of an app or a loyalty card and they can save you a lot of money when used correctly.

Whether or not you like PicknPay the card is worth it. I got a slip once that said I had R You get vouchers when you swipe your card at different times if the year, these are specific to your spending habits. You get extra points to use during your birthday month. I like to accumulate my points for a year and then use them for my grocery shop, I often land up only having to pay half my bill and sometimes even less. The points expire after a year. A big plus for me is the Fresh living magazine which you get free with your first purchase of the month, if you have a smart shopper card.

I have found and made some amazing recipes in the magazine. The Woolworths store card which you can only use at a Woolworths store also gives great discounts, however, it works like a credit card and you are charged interest on your balance. These are credit cards and can be used anywhere. Spar has two options, a loyalty card, which can only be used at the Spar that issued the card and the Spar rewards program, which you need to sign up for on your pc and gives you rewards just for signing up, plus vouchers that you can use at participating stores, you also link your loyalty card to the rewards program and earn more points.

Then download the app to your smartphone. You will receive your vouchers on your smartphone; you type the voucher number into the keypad at the till to redeem your rewards. I have once been able to buy a product with the app and combined it with another coupon app and landed up pay R5 instead of R65 for my item. While neither of these are grocery stores, a lot of us do our shopping for toiletries at these stores.

Their loyalty cards do offer great savings and bonuses. You can download the app and order online to be delivered to a store near you. I once spent R5 on Omo washing powder as it was on special at the store, plus I had the Unilever code. Once you are done shopping, you upload a picture if your full till slip, then gives you money back in their virtual wallet that you can use at one of many partner stores. Great question. Pick n Pay have coupon books that they gave to anyone over 65, you need to ask at the customer care desk.

I know that most Spar shops have a pensioners day on a Wednesday where they give special discounts and some have special loyalty cards, at most store you need to go to customer services to apply. CLicks offers double points on the 2nd Wednesday of each month to pensioners. | KFC Vouchers South Africa

They are however not always up to date. So are you able as the person who wrote the article to find out what is going in with Wuhu? They must use the SmartPos and not the wi-code. Saying this, I am still trying to find out how the new points work. Hi, Have you told them you have a mobile coupon? Just tell the cashier you have a coupon ,take the phone with you to ensure you have the correct number. Why can South africa go back to placing coupons in the news pappers and mail and internet?? I would also really love to be able to clip coupons again, maybe since we seem to be following the US in most things, physical coupons may one day happen.

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In the meantime keep using those loyalty points and the SnapnSave app. Remember to watch the papers in your area for specials at your local stores.

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The Makro app is very confusing. I just like the convenience of shopping online, if what I buy happens to be on the discount list, then it is an extra bonus to me.

I would also like to receive coupons from magazines, newspapers, clicks books etc this electronic system is not working. I cant use Wuhu at pick n pay Mafikeng. I also want to know why checkers cancelled their coupons. As far as I know, all PicknPay stores should accept Wuhu. I can remember when Club magazine did have coupons, I have seen in the Jet magazine they have coupons but not in the Edgars one even though they are part of the same group.